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Discover the secret that intelligent business owners use to dramatically increase conversions thus increasing revenue and sales. After a potential customer visits your site, retargeting allow us to place your ad in front of the customer on hundreds of websites they visit regularly. Don’t know how to retarget your customers? Click now to find how affordable and powerful retargeting can be.

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Mobile Friendly Sites

How important is having a mobile responsive website for your business? Ask yourself this question, how much time do you spend on your mobile device vs. your desktop? 60% of online traffic is from mobile devices. This means that 60% of your customers will find you on a mobile device. If they have a poor experience this could mean losing the client.

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Can your clients browse your site on the go?

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Search Engine Optimization

90% of searchers do not continue past the first page. Are you buried in the search results? One of the most frustrating things for a business owner is to lose business to your competition because you are below them in the search results. This makes it essential to be on the front page. With Search Engine Optimization you can be found above your competition.

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Local Search & Marketing

90% of online local searchers are directly influenced in their purchase decision based on positive and negative reviews that they saw on local search sites. In today’s internet world the only thing worse than having a negative review is having no review at all. A recent study showed there was a 9% incremental increase in revenue when a business had an extra star review over their competition. Over 500 million searches per month are done on local directory sites. Are you getting a piece of this pie?

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Localize your online presence.

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Targeted Display

Billboard advertising used to be an efficient vehicle for getting your advertising seen by consumers. Today, that system has become antiquated with the popularity of Display marketing. Targeted Display ads are similar to billboard marketing, but instead of targeting consumers that may not be interested in your product, Display puts your company’s message in front of consumers who are potential customers. Get your ad featured on thousands of sites online by going where your consumer goes such as Yahoo News, Salon, and WebMD.

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Leave a lasting impression on your clients.

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Video Targeting

A few years ago video was consumed just on TV, but times have changed! Today, consumers views hours of video content online every single day. With traditional TV advertising, up to 90% of ads are wasted on viewers that do not meet a business’ key demographics. When this happens, valuable advertising dollars are wasted. With Targeted Video ads, you reach those consumers who are in your key demographic and who are truly a potential customers. This is done by displaying your ads on thousands of popular websites like Youtube, CNN, Foxnews, ESPN, and HGTV. Smart businesses today are using Video Targeting.

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